Course "Learn how to surf with Longboard:
Dominate the Cross-Step"

Course "Learn how to surf with Longboard:
Dominate the Cross-Step"

*Before starting this course, we recommend to have integrated the foundations of the previous course; “Learn how to surf with Longboard: Inception”

The Cross-Step is the foundation and essence of Longboard. 

Feeling how the wave is taking you… 

Stand-up on the proper spot, accompanying the wave at its same speed… 

Take two little steps… Get to the sweet part… 

Realising the increase of speed and the pleasure when feeling the fluidity and energy of the wave… 

In the course “Learn how to surf with Longboard: Dominate the Cross-Step” you will learn how to command your board through the Cross-Step in order toaccelerate and break how and when you desire, and thus, taking advantage of the energy of wave until the end.

And of course, you wil acquire the additional necessary knowledge to reach that level. You will get deeper in theknowledge of your Longboardand will learn essential things as the behavioural etiquettes and dynamics in the water or how to overcome the white water,… 

All these being neccessary elements to start rising up our level of surfing. 

The Cross-Step will allow you to keep control over your Longboard no matter what are the conditions.

Waves way too much longer and greater fun await you Pelican!


In the course "Learn how to surf with Longboard: Dominate the Cross-Step" you will learn to...

*500X350px Aprende a surfear con Longboard Cross-Step. Longboard Academy

Contents of the course

Your teacher

Rubén Fuente
One of the Longboard pioneers in Spainsince 1996. International competitor, Longboard Coach, and co-owner of the Longboard brand CeCe Longboards.

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