xvii jornadas longboard maldives


dates: 3-13 november

The “XVII Jornadas (coaching days) Longboard Maldives” start on the 3rd of November and end on the 13th of the same month, spending 11 days and 10 nights together on a private boat exclusively for our team of longboarders.

The meeting point will be at the exit from Male airport (Velana) on the 3rd of November between 7-8 am, from where we will depart by dhoni, all together, to the ship that will be our home for the duration of the trip.

*If your flight is delayed beyond 7-8am, contact us to wait for you.

location: republic of maldives

The waves in the Maldives are known for their high quality due to the coral bottom of the atolls which erode very gradually over time, providing much more homogenous and regular waves than at a beach break.

When most surfers talk about the Maldives, they think of its mythical summer tuberides…

However, in November we will find soft, small and long waves that are perfect for classic longboarding… And not only that!

Also, at this time of the year we will find much less people, which allows us to surf most of the sessions alone or practically alone… Can you imagine?

Furthermore, thanks to living on the boat, we will move to the best spot every day depending on the conditions.


level: low intermediate to advanced

These “Jornadas” are for you whether you are polishing your pop-up technique, trying to get the hang of cross-stepping or your first noseriding maneuvres.

The characteristics of the Maldivian waves at this time of the year are perfect for the longboarder who wants to reach intermediate level, as well as for those who want to start or polish their noseriding.

what are the xvii jornadas longboard maldives?

A small group of us longboarders will embark on board the MV Aisha for 11 days and 10 nights in search of the best conditions for classic longboarding around the north and south of Male.

During the longboard days, (as well as surfing to the point of exhaustion), we will help you improve your surfing technique so you keep progressing in longboarding wherever you are on your longboard journey, as well as providing you with the knowledge you need to catch much more waves and enjoy your sessions more, such as correct positioning and reading of the ocean.

what is included?

The main objective of the “Jornadas” is to provide you with as much knowledge and practice as possible, both in and out of the water, to accelerate your learning so that you can continue to progress and enjoy your longboard surfing sessions more and more.

Here is a small sample of what we are going to do:

  • 1 daily surf lesson at sunrise
  • Drone recording of your waves in each class; we will provide you with all your videos at the end of the trip.
  • Video analysis sessions
  • Specific mobility for longboarding session before starting the class.
  • Recovery mobility and relaxation session after the last surfing session of the day at sunset.
  • As much surf time as you are able: the boat will drop anchor each day within a short paddle to the peak, so you can jump off the boat and surf whenever and however much you want.
  • 1 YEAR subscription to Longboard Academy: so you can start learning as soon as you book! In the Academy (online) you will find content for all levels and access to all the recorded monthly masterclasses, as well as the next ones that take place, where you can send us your videos practicing both in and out of the water to give you feedback and continue accompanying you in your progress from a distance. *If you are already a student of the Academy, your subscription will be extended for another year.
  • “Longboard With Amigos” T-shirt.

can I rent a longboard?

For this particular trip, you need to bring your own longboard.

If you don’t have one, please contact us via the whatsapp balloon in the bottom right corner of the screen to help you.

accommodation and meals all included

For these 11 days of intensive learning and surfing on board our private boat, we will stay in cabins that can accommodate two people and have their own bathroom.

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as well as accommodation are all included in the total price of the “longboard days”, so that your only “concern” when you come is to make the most of these 11 days.

*In the case of having any intolerance or specific preference related to the meals, please let us know and the kitchen team will prepare what you need.


10 people + 2-3 instructors.


3390 €

how can you attend?

You can confirm your spot by paying the reservation fee of 1690€ (this amount will only be refunded if the organisation cancels the “trip”). The remaining 1700€ will be paid in cash on arrival at the “Jornadas”.

*Prior to the “Jornadas”, we´ll add you to a whatsapp group where we´ll be in touch in order to provide you all the necessary info that you could need and clarify possible questions.

See you there pelican!


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