longboard coaching trip Salinas

dates: June

From June 6th from 16:00 to Sunday 9th at 13:00.

location: Salinas

The place we have chosen for these days is the surf school ‘El Pez Escorpión’ in Salinas (Asturias – Spain).

level: beginner-intermediate

This “Longboard Coaching Days” (“Jornadas”) is for you whether if you find yourself perfecting your pop-up technique or you are trying to improve your fluidity with cross-stepping, since the performance of the first one totally conditions your “stepping” on the board, and doing it with good technique, you’ll feel invited to give your first steps on your longboard with confidence.

During the “Longboard Coaching Days”, besides this, we´ll work on your paddling, your positioning and your reading of the Sea, what will help you to catch a lot more waves per session, essential to spend more time on the board, and thus, improving faster (and of course… Having more fun!.

What are the Salinas longboard coaching days about?

A group of 6 Longboarders of beginners / Intermediate level will enjoy 3 days of Longboarding. We are lovers of small waves and Salinas at this time of year is ideal for this.

We will learn to observe the sea and look at it like a surfer, we will give practical classes in the water, theory classes and we will also do video analysis.

If you are just starting to surf or you are curious to know what Longboarding is, as well as to manage that frustration that we all feel at some point in our progress, these are the ideal coaching days for you.

These coaching days will be given by Arún Cantón and Rubén Fuente and organised through the Surf School and Surf Camp El Pez Escorpión.

In addition, from the moment you make your reservation (you will receive an email with all the info), you will have access to one year at the ‘Longboard Academy’ (with a value of EUR197); our online classic longboard academy, so you can start learning and practising right away and get even more out of the coaching days when you come!

And some other surprise we´ll save for the occasion…

and what if i don´t have longboard?

If you don´t have board or prefer not to bring it with you, you can rent your longboard for 100€ for the duration of the coaching days.

*The payment will be done in cash at arrival.

accommodation and meals: full board

For these intensive learning days, we will stay in the fantastic facilities of the Surf School and Surf Camp El Pez Escorpión.

Breakfasts (3), lunches (3), dinners (3), and accommodation (3 nights) are included in the total price of the coaching days, so that your only ‘concern’ when you come is to make the most of these 4 days.

*In the case of having any intolerance or specific preference related to the meals, please let us know and the kitchen team will prepare what you need.


6 persons.



how can you attend?

You can confirm your spot bypaying the reservation fee of 300€. (This amount will only be refunded in the event that the organisation cancels the coaching days.). The 375remaining € shall be paid in cash on arrival (as well as the price of the longboard rental if this is your case.).

*Prior to the “Longboard Coaching Days”, we´ll add you to a whatsapp group where we´ll be in touch in order to provide you all the necessary info that you could need and clarify possible questions.

See you there pelican!


reserva jornadas longboard Salinas 6-9 Junio


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