VII longboard coaching week loredo

Jornadas Longboard Loredo Plea

date: october

From Sunday 13th at 16:00 to Saturday 19th at 13:00.


Tha place we´ve chosen for this “Longboard Coaching Week” is the coastal town of Loredo, in Cantabria (Spain), whose orientation facing northwest, secures the presence of waves, and its location in the middle of the community of Cantabria allows us to move easily to the different spots from the west as well as to the eastern ones in pursuit of the best waves.

*In order to guarantee the safety and quality of the learning process, each day we´ll drive to the most convenient spot for you in the whole region based on the forecast conditions, so you can develop and enjoy your surfing in the best environment as possible, without fear, without stress and far from big groups of people.

level: beginner-intermediate

This “Longboard Coaching Week” (“Jornadas”) is for you whether if you find yourself perfecting your pop-up technique or you are trying to improve your fluidity with cross-stepping, since the performance of the first one totally conditions your “stepping” on the board, and doing it with good technique, you’ll feel invited to give your first steps on your longboard with confidence.

During the “Longboard Coaching Week”, besides this, we´ll work on your paddling, your positioning and your reading of the Sea, what will help you to catch a lot more waves per session, essential to spend more time on the board, and thus, improving faster (and of course… Having more fun!.

what is the "vii longboard coaching week" in loredo about?

Tha main goal of the “Longboard Coaching Week” is to provide you all the knowledge you need whether inside or outside the water, in order to accelerate your learning process and keep progressing and enjoying more and more your surfing sessions.

Here is a small sample of what we are going to do:

  • 1-2 daily surf sessions depending on the forecast conditions, complementing them with longboard specific training sessions out of the water, so you can learn how to continue progressing when you are not in the beach.
  • Recording of your waves with drone and videoanalysis: we´ll give you your videos so you can play them as many times as you want.
  • Daily longboard specific mobility every morning at dawn.
  • Theory lessons: you will learn about equipment (types and characteristics of the boards, fins,… ), reading of the Sea, positioning technique, pop-up and paddling technique.
  • Recovery mobility and relaxation sessionbefore dinner in order to finish the day in the best physical and mental conditions.
  • One year subscription to Longboard Academy (valued in 197€): in the Academy (online) you will find contents for all the levels and access either to all the monthly masterclasses recorded till date, as well to the next ones to come, for which you can send us your videos practicing in or outside the water in order to provide you feedback and facilitate your progress in the distance to arrive to the trip in the best conditions as possible. *If you are already a student of the Academy, your subscription will be extended for another year.
  • Welcome Pack.

and what if i don´t have longboard?

If you don´t have board o prefer not to travel with it you can rent a longboard from the Academy for 120€ for the whole week, with option of trying different types of boards according your progression during the week.

*The payment will be done in cash at the arrival.

accommodation and meals all included

For this week of intensive learning, we´ll stay in the awesome facilities of Plea Beach House, where we´ll share one of their fantastic group rooms for the whole group.

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as well as the housing is all included in the total price of the “Longboard Coaching Week”, so you can only focus on enjoying and taking the most of these 6 days.

*In the case of having any intolerance or specific preference related to the meals, please let us know and the kitchen team will prepare what you need.


12 people.



how can you attend?

You can book your spot paying the following reservation of 790€ (this amount will only be refund in case the Organisation cancells the trip). The remaining 700€ will be payed in cash at the arrival to the facilities (together with the board rental; if needed).

*Prior to the “Longboard Coaching Week”, we´ll add you to a whatsapp group where we´ll be in touch in order to provide you all the necessary info that you could need and clarify possible questions. 

See you there pelican! 


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