GreenFix Base Coat Surf Wax


The USEFULNESS of the GreenFix base coat surf wax is to make it easier for you to apply the following wax layer. corresponding to the temperature of the water in which you are going to surf. And not only that, in addition being able to apply wax in an easier and faster way to your longboard, by using a base coat surf wax, you will get a better adhesion and it will last longer.

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CHARACTERISTICSof theGreenFix Base Coat Surf Wax :

    • 100% natural formula.
    • It does not melt in the sun.
    • Handmade in France.
    • Each box is packed by an employment assistance center for disabled people.

WE RECOMMEND that the first time you apply the GreenFix base coat surf wax, you use the entire pad so that the deck (top) of the board is completely covered.

Here is a video where you will learn when and how to remove and apply wax on your Longboard (this video can be found in the Longboard Academy in the course “Learn to surf with Longboard: Master the Cross-Step”).

*Note: You can enable/disable subtitles by clicking on “CC” at the bottom right of the player, as you can see in the following image:


See you in the water Pelican!


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