Ear plugs surf – Surfears 3.0 (Adult)


Keep your ears healthy away from pain and the operating room with SurfEars 3.0; the most developed earplugs for surfers on the market, which seek to protect your ears from the entry of water, cold and bacteria, without affecting your balance and allowing you to hear thanks to its acoustic membrane.

By protecting your ears in every session with these earplugs, Surfears 3.0, you will be safe from ear diseases such as otitis, ear canal inflammations or the dreaded exostoxis, better known as “surfer’s ear”.

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With the ear plugs SurfEars 3.0 you can surf as comfortably as if you were not wearing them, and not only that, you can also use them for swimming, diving, kayaking, wakeboarding and other water activities.

CHARACTERISTICS of the ear plugs SurfEars 3.0:

  • They allow sound to come through.
  • They keep water, dirt and bacteria out.
  • Great comfort.
  • Safety cord.


SurfEars 3.0 earplugs come with different interchangeable parts in different sizes so you can choose the one that best fits your ear. In your order you will find:

  • A pair of SurfEars already assembled with medium size gels, large size wings and adjustable neck cord.
  • 6 sealing gels; 2x large size, 2x small size, 2x extra small size.
  • Two additional small size wings.
  • Water and salt resistant storage and transport case.

WE RECOMMEND that you wear SurfEars earplugs every time you enter the water to prevent very frequent hearing diseases in water sports as annoying as exostosis (“surfer’s ear”), which makes us undergo surgery and keeps us out of the water for a month or so.

So, don’t be a “lazy” and protect your ears. They still have a lot of surfing to do!

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See you in the water Pelican!


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