T-shirt Longboard With Amigos – White Pelican


T-shirt “White Pelican” by Longboard With Amigos made in France with 100% organic cotton.

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Within the Longboard Academy, to facilitate learning and accelerate your progress you will find 7 levels (“pelican grades”) depending on your level with the longboard; white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and black.

That’s right! They are the same colors as the level grades in martial arts.

And as in Longboard With Amigos we like t-shirts more than belts, we have decided that to try to motivate you and keep you striving to keep learning, we will only allow you to buy each color of t-shirt when you reach that level, which we will certify every time you come to a “Jornadas” (Workshops) or classes with us.

Yes, it would be easier to let you buy the one you want and you could enjoy a good beach-look with the color more in line with the outfit of the day, but we are more interested that you commit to your learning, that you make an effort and that you put in hours in the water SURFING to get it.

With time, patience and commitment you will get it 😉

Here we describe you the level of skill you need to achieve in order to pass to the next pelican level:

pelican levels longboard with amigos

See you in the water pelican!



L, M, S, XL, XS

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