Wrap Rax Single Portable Roof Rack (1-3 boards)


Portable roof rack for 1-3 boards, very easy to put on and take off, and thanks to its carrying bag, you can always carry it in the trunk to be ready for the occasion.

This Wrap Rax from Creatures of Leisure is the ideal solution for people who have no way to carry the boards in the car/van and do not want to buy fixed roof racks for their vehicle.

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  • Buckles Heavy-duty 30mm for military use.
  • Silicone coating on the buckle to protect the boards and the car.
  • Materials resistant to solar abrasion.
  • Transport bag.


As simple and as fast as;

  1. Open the vehicle doors.
  2. Place the two cushions on the roof.
  3. Pass the fastening straps to the vehicle through the open doors (not windows) and fasten inside the vehicle.
  4. Place 1-3 boards on top of the cushions.
  5. Fasten the boards with the remaining straps intended for this purpose.

See you in the water Pelican!


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